Ultimate Fitness 24/7, with Jim Gillespie
Ultimate Fitness 24/7
Jim Gillespie, son Kieran, Des Wilkinson and Gary Myles  fitness training
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About me
An introduction to Jim - who he is and what he can do for you.
Jim Gillespie's background in National, World and European athletics.
How Jim can provide fitness workouts for people when and where required.
Prices to suit all requirements and budgets - for individuals, partners and groups.
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Jim Gillespie is an expert in fitness training and body management working in the Market Rasen area and beyond!!  He is an international athlete and national record holder in several events, and understands the demands of team games through involvement in basketball, football, rugby and volleyball.
Based in Lincolnshire, Ultimate Fitness 24/7 offers a total package. All programmes are tailored to individual needs and goals, and training can take place anywhere you choose .... at home (if you have your own equipment it must be suitable, and for safety reasons there must be enough space), at work or in a park.